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Microprismatic Conspicuity Tape
Increase trailer Visibility at Night and in Poor Weather
Truck Pic   Tape
Federal Regulations require semi-trailers with an overall width of 80 inches and exceeding 10,000 lbs. GVWR to have alternating red and white DOT-C2 approved 2-inch wide conspicity tape applied along at least 50% of their lengths and entirely across their back ends.
Meets or exceeds federal specifications for brightness. (Federal 49CFR571.108; DOT-C2)
Polycarbonate film with acrylic film surface protection
Single ply—no open cells, 0.012” thickness
Reflects uniformly in all orientation angles.
Red/White (6”/6” and 11”/7”) and all White
Subsurface printed, protects red color from UV and solvents like gasoline, turpentine and kerosene.
Easy-to-handle and apply, flexible around corners, adheres to a variety of surfaces including fiberglass, aluminum, and painted steel

Resists chipping and cracking.
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 years
CT66 6” Red Alternating with 6” White (Silver) 2” x 50 yd. Roll $90.36
CT117 11” Red Alternating with 7” White (Silver) 2” x 50 yd. Roll $90.36
CT100 All White (Silver) 2” x 50 yd. Roll $90.36

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